- Board of Director Meeting Minutes

- Board Meeting Agendas

- Newsletters

- Assessment Collection Policy

- Insurance Certificate

- Maintenance Matrix (Who Is Responsible For What)

- Release of Liability Agreement
For the Use of Recreational Facilities

- Current Reserve Study

- 2023/2024 Budget

- Committee Volunteer Form



- Rules & Regulations

- Pool/Spa Rules

- Parking & Traffic Rules

- CC&Rs

- ByLaws

- Articles of Incorporation


The sole purpose of the following Architectural and Landscaping Standards are to maintain the architectural character of Los Paseos, to keep the community attractive to all residents, and to protect yours and the other homeowner’s investment. Per the Association governing documents, owners have the ability to make certain modifications to their units. In order to do so, they must first submit an architectural application to the Architectural Review Committee for approval. If you are considering any modifications please download, print and complete the application and return it to Tritz Professional Management Service (TPMS).

- Architectural and Landscaping Standards

- Home Improvement Application

- Approved Paint Schemes

- New Painting Application

- New Fence Application

- New Window Application

- Artificial/Synthetic Turf Standards

- New Artificial/Synthetic Turf Application

- Tree Trimming Map

- Rancho Santa Margarita Landscape & Recreation Corporation (SAMLARC) Policies & Guidelines

- Rancho Santa Margarita Landscape & Recreation Corporation (SAMLARC) Architectural Standards



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