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When you purchased your condo, you were given a copy of the CC&Rs and R&Rs, both of which state that the minimum rental in our community is 14 days. It has been brought to our attention that owners are listing/renting their units for less than 14 days, using websites such as VRBO and AIRBNB. The Board will be monitoring these sites and contacting owners who have listings that do not specify the 14 day minimum. In addition to fines that may be imposed by the Board, the listings will be forwarded to the City of Palm Springs to determine whether or not your condo is registered.

Palm Springs requires vacation rental operators to apply for and receive both a Transit Occupancy Registration permit (TOT) and a vacation rental certificate. You can access both applications from links on the city’s vacation rentals website.

A vacation rental is defined as a rental of 28 days or less. The annual registration fee is $900. Owners are also responsible for paying a transient occupancy tax to the city. If your unit is not registered, you will receive a $5000 citation from the City of Palm Springs and banned from ever renting your unit for less than 28 days by the City of Palm Springs. Also, if you have a TOT number but don’t list it in your ad, you will receive a $2500 citation and be unable to rent your unit for 6 months.

There is a maximum of 2 people per bedroom for all rentals.

If you know of someone who is not adhering to the HOA or the City of Palms Springs rental rules, please contact PPM & the City accordingly.

Board of Directors
Villas de Las Flores HOA


Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs (ONE-PS) is an entity that oversees 42 Palm Springs neighborhood associations. ONE-PS creates a city-wide consensus of issues and develops vehicles to further this consensus through:

- Active Dialogue with City leaders

- Position papers and appearances before the City Council

- Candidate forums and public events

Currently, our HOA is not a formal member of our local Tahquitz Creek Golf Neighborhood Association although Board members Don Blackwell and John Toogood have attended the monthly meetings as guests. Since we are not members, we can't participate in discussions or make our wants/needs known. The Board supports membership but we need someone willing to be our representative at the monthly meetings, held on the 1st or 2nd Thursday at 8am. If you are interested and available, please contact Don or John for more information.

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