Lake Mission Viejo (949) 770-1313

Orange County Sheriff's Department (949) 770-6011 Non-Emergency
9-1-1 Emergency

Mission Viejo Library (949) 830-7100

Saddleback Valley Unified School District
(949) 586-1234

Santa Margarita Water District (949) 459-6400

Edison (949) 655-4555

Gas Company (800) 427-2200 (Gas leaks)
(877) 238-0092 (Customer Service)


Frequently Asked Questions

I received a violation letter from Cardinal Property Management/Evergreen Ridge Homeowners Association in reference to my kids basketball hoop being left out in the street. How are these letters generated?

At least once per month our community manager from Cardinal Property Management drives the neighborhood looking for violations. Once a violation is observed, Cardinal Property Management will mail out a violation letter requesting the homeowner comply with the C.C.&R.'s. A violation can also be reported by any homeowner or board member. Homeowner violations are verified before a letter is generated.

I am planning on replacing my picket fence with a vinyl product. Do I need approval before replacing the fence?

Yes, all improvements to the exterior of your home, yard, or hard scape need approval from the Architectural Committee. Picket fences which are replaced with wood or vinyl must meet certain specifications. You can find those specifications under "Home Improvements." When in doubt, please feel free to contact Cardinal Property Management. Doing work without ARC approval can result in a fine up to $1,000.

So, if I am repainting my home the same color, do I need approval from the Architectural Review Committee?

Yes! The community paint colors were recently revised. Many of the original paint colors have been removed from the color book and homeowners will no longer be able to repaint with an old color. Colors are available at your local Dunn Edwards Paint store, on the Dunn-Edwards website, or by contacting FirstService Residential.

I have a neighbor whose dog barks constantly. Who do I call for assistance?

The city of Mission Viejo has its own Animal Control department, which follows all the rules of the Orange County Codified Ordinances. For instance, OCCO 4-1-3 defines when a dog's barking is a nuisance, and OCCO 4-1-59 explains the procedures for filing complaints. This information can be found on the Mission Viejo Animal Services website, The listed phone number verified in March 2012 is (949) 470-3045. They require a homeowner or resident contact them, rather than the association management company.

Our community has no playground or pool, so why are the association dues so high?

A number of factors contribute to the amount of HOA dues we pay. We maintain our own streets, unlike most Mission Viejo communities. The cost of asphalt replacement is extremely costly. We have repaved approximately 40% of the community and expect to replace the remaining asphalt within the next 5-8 years. Also, we are one of the few M.V. communities who maintain their exterior landscaped slopes. This too adds to the cost of our landscape maintenance contract. Your elected/appointed board of directors work hard to keep monthly HOA dues to a minimum, but rising costs of replacement/repair, a 27 year old community, and many other factors make this a daunting task. Overall, our HOA dues are very consistent with other communities our size and make-up. We also pay a professional Reserve Analyst to review our community structure, our financial reserves, and then make recommendations to the board of directors in reference to our monthly dues amount.

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