Rules Reminders At a Glance

Remember to pick up after your pets, keep them leashed and dispose of pet waste properly when walking your pet in the common areas.

Please obey all speed limits when driving within the community, especially the posted speed limit.

Please note: It is your responsibility to know the Rules and Regulations - Violations are subject to warnings and/or fines.

Pool Rules: Pool is now heated.
Pool hours are 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. It is your responsibility to know the Pool Rules and manage guests and children accordingly.

Parking Rules: Residents are required to utilize parking areas within their respective lots and keep common area free and open for the use of guests.

Vehicles parked in common areas without moving for more than 72 hours may be deemed abandoned or stored and may be towed at homeowner's expense.

Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked overnight in the common area.

Living with Coyotes - Guidelines for Discouraging Them from Inhabiting our Community

Suggested guidelines for encouraging coyotes to find an alternative place to live and roam:

1. Don’t feed any pet outside for 3-6 months (leaving food out attracts coyotes and makes them think they are one of the community). This means NO FOOD of any type or BIRDFEEDERS should be left outside.

2. Secure trash, always keep it closed and kept inside

3. Do NOT let your pets outside to free roam. ALWAYS keep them leashed (this means inside your patio or on the common property).

4. Change your pet walking patterns (try a different time of day or exit/enter from a different door).

While several of these guidelines are already part of our Rules and Regulations, we hope that you’ll do your part to ‘Be the Change’ and help protect our children and furry family members.

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Community Manager: Maryanne Hurley-Cicconi, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

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