Rules Reminders At a Glance.

Excessive noise, lights, or other activities which interfere with the rights of other residents are not permitted.

Home businesses may only be conducted in a fashion which does not adversely impact other residents and is in compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances. For more details, please refer to Section 7.1 of the CC&Rs.

No overnight street parking (1-6 am). Violators subject to towing/fines. Special overnight parking permits may be granted temporarily. Contact the property manager (760-325-9500) or your landlord if you have questions on this.

Only licensed drivers may operate golf carts on IPCCA streets. Obey posted speed limits. No overnight parking of commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, ATVs, etc. in driveways. Vehicles parked in driveways may not extend into the street. Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles may only be stored within an enclosed garage. They cannot be publicly visible. Vehicle repairs must be conducted in an enclosed garage.

Winter holiday decorations may be displayed from 11/15 – 1/15; other holiday decorations may be displayed one week before and one week after the holiday. Displayed items are subject to general sound and light restrictions noted above. Displayed items should be in good repair and of appropriate size. Banners and signs deemed offensive by the Board are not allowed.

Debris and unused items may not be visible on the property. Driveways should be kept clean and free of rust/oil stains. Trash containers must be stored where they are not publicly visible. They should be put out for collection no more than 12 hours before pick-up and removed from the street within 12 hours of pick up.

Only standard domestic pets are allowed. Only a reasonable number of pets are permitted. Dogs must be on leash when not in a confined space at the residence. Dog waste must be promptly picked up and properly disposed of.

Permanent or semi-permanent sports equipment (basketball hoops, trampolines, etc.) may not be located on the street side of a residence. Garage sales and vehicle sales events are not permitted.

The Association manager must be advised of renters’/tenants’ names, contact information, and lease arrangements at least one week prior to occupancy. IPCA (front gate and general security) should also be advised (Desert Management If tenants will be using the Life Style Center, please contact them with the proper information. (760-342-6626). All rental arrangements should comply with local ordinances, including licenses for short-term festival rentals. Landlords need to ensure that renters/tenants are informed about and follow IPCCA rules. Landlords are responsible for any fines or assessments resulting from renters’/tenants’ behavior.

Speed Limit. The community-wide speed limit is 20mph, except where posted lower. You must obey the speed limit and make a complete stop at each stop sign. There are walkers, children, bicyclists & dogs in the community so please be mindful and careful when driving throughout the community.

Trash Cans - If stored outside of your garage, must not be visible from the street. Trash and recycling may be set out at the curb 24 hours before pickup day (currently Monday). Return trash cans and recycling bins to their storage location with 12 hours of pickup.

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