- Costa Brava has changed management companies from Accell Property Management to Total Property Management. Please make sure to update your billing information. Contact Total Property Management for any assistance at 949-261-8282.

Parking Permit Renewal
- A reminder that 2020 parking permits have expired. If you need a new permit, please contact Patrol Masters to apply for a new permit at 714 426-2526.

Permits are renewed on an annual basis. Download the Parking Rules and Parking Permit Application HERE

Open Parking is only allowed for guests with a safelist or residents with a parking permit. If a vehicle is parked in Open Parking without a safelist or permit, the vehicle is subject to citations and tow. This is monitored between 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Any vehicles parked in front of garages are subject to an immediate tow at any time of the day, as this is a Fire Lane.

Community Walk Through
- Community walk throughs are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month. The Committee meets at the pool at 9:00 a.m and homeowner’s are welcome to join.

Annual Community Calendar - Click HERE

Patrol Masters, Inc.
Patrol Masters, Inc. is currently contracted to patrol our community. Below you will find some useful information.

Patrol Masters, Inc.
1651 East 4th Street, Suite 124
Santa Ana, CA 92701

You can call to safelist your vehicle or use the link provided below:

Toll-Free 877 209-6370
Toll Free 877 648-0602
Fax: 714 648-0842

Safelist HERE via the web

Construction Documents
Download the original Costa Brava construction documents HERE

Front Entry and Balcony Deck Maintenance
Watch your mail for an important memo with the schedule for the upcoming deck maintenance. Your cooperation is needed in making this project run smoothly. Please review the memo carefully upon receipt and comply with the preparation requirements that will be detailed in the document.

Association Garage Door Optional Updgrade Specifications
Company: Amarr Garage Doors
Contact Information:
(800 503-3667)
Door Type: Stratford 3000 8'X7' (one car) or
16'X7' (two car) Garage Door
Color: True White
Design: Short Panel
Windows: None
Vents: Two (2) Vents in the lower corners of the door
Additional: Emergency release (required for detached garage doors)

Want To Get Involved In Your Neighborhood?
Join a Committee! Costa Brava has a number of Committees for residents to join to have some input in the direction of our community. Some of the existing Committees are: Landscape, Architectural, Parking, and we would really like to have an active Newsletter Committee! If interested, please come to a Board meeting and let us know...or contact Management.

Refinished Decks
In order to preserve the newly refinished decks, please place a tray underneath your potted plants to prevent water spillage.

Satellite Dishes
Please remember that residents must obtain prior written architectural approval before installing satellite dishes. In an effort to maintain the appearance of the community, Costa Brava Homeowners Association requires all dishes to be located substantially out of view from the street. Satellite dishes are not allowed to be attached to any portion of the roof, stucco or wood of the building. Dishes must be free standing within your patio or balcony.

Trash and Recycle Containers
Trash and Recycle pick up day is Thursday. As a courtesy to your neighbors, please remember to take in trash containers the same day as pick up. Trash containers should not be placed in the common area sooner than Wednesday evening.

No garbage, trash or anything that creates an unkept appearance is permitted in the Common Area prior to Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. and shall be put away by Friday at 3:00 p.m.

Large discarded items such as old furniture, etc., are the sole responsibility of the homeowner to remove from the premises and dispose at their discretion.

Curb Your Pet
Please respect our Rules and Regulations regarding your pets. Here is an excerpt from the Rules and Regulations: "Any litter deposited by pets on lawns, sidewalks, paths or other project common areas must be removed immediately by the owner of the animal involved." Located throughout the community are green pet waste bags and receptacles. Please be considerate and use these to dispose of the waste properly. There are no common areas within Costa Brava that are considered "Dog Runs". This is especially a problem at the end of El Adolfo, behind the garages.

Tenant & Pet Registration Form
These forms are used to register new tenants and pets within the Association
- Tenant Registration
- Pet Registration

Association Vendors
The following are Association vendors that may periodically be performing work within the community. Please do not be alarmed if you see the following vendors, as they have been approved by the Association:

Personal Touch - Custodial Service
Accurate Termite - Pest Control
McCormack Roofing - Roof Repairs
Aquatic Balance - Pool Maintenance
ProTec Building Services - General Maintenance
Country Estate Fence - Fence Repairs/Maintenance
CD Garage Doors - Garage Door Repairs/Replacement
Tony's Lock and Safe - Pool Fence Repairs
Three Phase Electric - Lighting Maintenance
Sea Crest Landscape - Landscape Maintenance